organist, conductor, composer, arranger
Welcome   to   the   British   version   of   my   Norwegian   website,   which   I   have developed   since   my   return   to   the   UK   from   Norway   in   2017.   On   this   site you   can   access   some   of   the   work   I   have   done   over   the   last   40   years,   in English   and   Norwegian.   Presently,   since   the   Covid   lockdown,   my   playing work   has   completely   dried   up,   as   it   has   for   so   many   other   musicians, but   I   am   still   hard   at   work   producing   arrangements   of   various   things   as well as typesetting pieces. But things are looking up now! Please    get    in    touch    if    you    have    your    own    music    which    requires typesetting.    I    am    quite    happy    to    help    others    with    this.    I    also    do transpositions, harmonisations, settings or arrangements.
Norway site © Richard Powell 2022 Please look around!  The menu is pretty self-explanatory. Apart from a few compositions in English, my compositions page links to what I have on my Norwegian site and there are quite a few things there in different genres. My Langlais page contains previously unpublished works of his which are now freely available. The Norwegian site (RPM Norway) also has pages describing my 30+ years as an organist in Norway.
Unfortunately, this site is experiencing some technical problems at the moment which mean that downloads are not possible. We will sort this out as soon as we can and hope to be able to offer downloads again in the near future. March 6th 2022